S Threads Boutique

Quality, handmade clothing & accessories with an eco-friendly statement 

Why shop S Threads Boutique?

I work hard to inspire a more eco-friendly you through fashion. By Upcycling thrifted clothing and fabrics, I give clothing a second chance while reducing textile waste.  

Shannon has an eye for design!  And great customer service!


Shannon Curtis

Fashion Designer

Upcycling clothing and accessories has been my passion for years. I love making clothing more comfortable and stylish, as well as eco friendly.

I use vintage fabrics from estate sales, premium selections from thrift stores, new fabrics, and hand me downs. I capture the life left in materials and re-stitch them into new pieces.

I take pride in my designs. Seams are carefully secured with professional stitching, by me. New creations get my designer label and new size label based on US size charts.

About me

I have been sewing since I was in grade school, working on projects for myself, friends, and family. I made fabric handbags, hair scrunchies, and designed Halloween costumes.

In 2011, I graduated as a Certified Medical Administrative Specialist, and for years worked in the medical field, keeping sewing as a side job/hobby. I made scrub uniforms for myself and my co-workers. I studied patterns to make dresses & purses. I bought clothing at thrift stores to take them apart and study how they were put together. After working 10-14 hour days, I’d come home & sew till I passed out. I just knew I needed to switch professions one day or else never see the light of day!

In June of 2018, I took the plunge and finally turned my passion into a full time business. I took a course in business management & now have a brick and mortar boutique. I travel & set up at festivals, have clothing for sale at the store, and sell online.

I love being able to make clothing that makes people comfortable and happy. I take pride in being able to save material from being thrown in a landfill while doing it!

S Threads Boutique is located in Franklin @1213 Liberty Street and S Threads clothing is also available at select festivals!  Follow me on Facebook to learn where I’ll be:  


S Threads Boutique

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